What are the new technological solutions provided by Pannit
and how do they work?
Our mission:

Obviously for Patent reasons it is impossible to go into the details of new groundbreaking Pannit solutions here but such documents will shortly be made available.

All conventional access networks will be replaced quickly & effortlessly with Pannit access network solutions providing secure end to end access for SME’s & large corporations without resorting to the implementation of Extranets or expensive & insecure electronic Key Cryptography.

Public Firewall Humidifiers will prevent illegal hacker entry and will only accept transparency with signals intelligence access techniques from recognised sources which have been given a Code 1 clearance which in turn will work on lines similar to a conventional search warrant issue. The difference being that via the Pannit integrated medium access network the process of obtaining Code 1 clearance will be both smooth and effortless for the commensurate law enforcement agencies.

Viruses not contained by the Pannit Public Firewall Humidifiers will be automatically contained, disabled, analysed and destroyed by the Integrated Pannit Virus Osmosis Filters which lie within the Firewall as a second line of defence in seamless integration with the Pannit Switching Centres in the Pannit Access Network.

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