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In tests carried out with The Remote Explorer distributed through out a Pannit model access network, having first impregnated Unix & Windows NT systems with the virus, both Pannit PFH’s & VOFS were successful in containing the virus before it could further contaminate other company Intranets and Lans.The same tests were carried out for Mydoom.B and Govnodav.A derivatives with optimum nullification of all viruses. All tests were carried out by ICANN in association with UCANN.

In all Tests the independent referees for Pannit Access Networks were satisfied that the Pannit Unix & NT equivalents had not been prepared for the virus through programming adjustments made before contagion.

How Pannit solutions work:
Pannit access network solutions are in fact based not on copper pairs, cable, satellite or microwave technology but are in fact based on water. In association with the World’s Water Boards Pannit has already secured trade agreements that will enable the use of rivers, tributaries, water pipes and taps for the Pannit Access Network.

Pannit mobile & wireless solutions will be facilitated by new Pannit Steam Compression Vapour Packet Data which will provide transparency with ATM solutions and Cryptography.

Using revolutionary Climactic Precipitation Enhancers Pannit Steam Packet Data will be pushed high into the stratosphere and communication will be spontaneous in all international mobile communications via your Pannit Precipitator Handset.

Submarine Cables will easily be replaced with Pannit Pelagic Sonar Transmission and risk of churn and Sperm Whale interference has already been greatly reduced.

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